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The Little Book of Monarchs is really working for children.

A keen seven-year-old reader named Edward recently challenged his

teacher at a leading prep school to name the monarch who preceded

Queen Victoria. The teacher was stumped but Edward informed him it

was William lV and then reeled off three key happenings during his reign.


What critics have said about the book . . .

There have been many kind comments about The Little Book of Monarchs:

The influential education website UKEDCHAT commented:

"This book is great for educators as well as pupils . . . and will be

welcomed in schools across the kingdom".

The Field magazine says the book is "Charming . . . witty . . . fascinating."

Teach Primary magazine said: "It's a gem. A masterclass . . . of summarising."

What's Good to Do website: "Every school should have a copy."

Military History Monthly: "Snappy, concise . . . witty and clever."

Trinity Mirror Regional Newspapers made it Childrens' Book of the Week.

And TV historian and academic Suzannah Lipscomb wrote:

"It takes monumental discipline and expansive knowledge to fit each

monarch into 90 words - but Tony Boullemier pulls it off with aplomb."


Leonie ebook for just 99p

Great news for readers wanting to buy the ebook version of Leonie

and the last Napoleon. The special offer of 99p reduced from £4.99 is

carrying on for an indefinite period.

Access it via Matador Or these other suppliers:

Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Google Play.


For 11 years Tony has spoken throughout the Midlands about his books

to Rotary, Probus, University of the Third Age, WIs, Townswomen's Guilds,

history groups and luncheon clubs.  

He is still taking bookings for Leonie talks (if people insist!) but he

prefers speaking about The Little Book of Monarchs. 

His bookings are listed below and if you would like him to speak to your

group, please email him at



      Jan 16     -   Higham & Rushden U3A, Northants.

      Mar 5      -   Northampton National Trust.

      Mar 16    -   Abington Park, Northampton. Spring Fayre

      Mar 21    -   Thrapston Probus Club, Northants.

      May 23    -   Kilsby History Society, Northants.


      Feb 26    -     Buckingham U3A






          *  Leonie talk        











Monarchs is top of the class

Tony and family at Leonie's launch.

Below: Signing copies at Napoleon

lll's old home at Chislehurst



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Richardlll 018

Tony and the reconstructed head of Richard lll, displayed in the museum at Northampton.

FOLLOWING recent changes to this website, Tony's blogs are now more readily accessible under the Blog tag on the front page menu.

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Monarchs now in paperback too

From August 2018 The Little Book of Monarchs is available in paperback as well as hardback. The paperback version is priced at £5.99 while the hardback is still on sale at £7.99.

Does your group need a speaker?