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The Little Book of Monarchs

English History with a Smile on Its Face


England’s kings and queens make up a rich tapestry, ablaze with colour and conflict. And if

you can’t sort out the goodies from the baddies, this book will help you do it.

We all know the big achievers like William who conquered us and Henry V who won at

Agincourt. But who ruled an empire from the Scottish border to the Pyrenees? Which king

had the common touch that stopped the French Revolution from crossing to England? And

who is said to have put to death 72,000 of his own people?


We know the unpopular ones like John, William Rufus and Bloody Mary. But who closed all

of England’s theatres? And who spent only seven months of his 10-year reign in England?

There were sad ones like Edward V, one of the princes in the Tower; and poor, manipulated

little Jane Grey. And weak ones like Henry Vl whose ineptitude led to civil war.

And, of course, those who met a bizarre end.


Whose body burst as it was put in its coffin? Which queen had 18 pregnancies with not one

child reaching adulthood; Which king was starved to death in a dungeon?


Who died after falling from his horse when it stumbled on a molehill? And which king imprisoned his own rebellious queen for 16 years?


In this snappy little volume, Tony Boullemier and Adrian Teal present all the answers. Neatly parcelled and unforgettab

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Leonie and the Last Napoleon

This remarkable novel is based on the diary of the author's

great-grandmother Leonie Michel, born at the height of the 1848

revolution in Paris.


Deadly illness and danger stalk her early life and her father, a

doctor, faces ruin when he is prosecuted for treating patients with

a revolutionary new cure before he is qualified. But when the

Emperor Napoleon III calls on his brilliant medical skills, Leonie

finds herself catapulted into glittering Paris society.


As a blonde beauty of 17, she naturally catches the eye of the ageing emperor and his

son and Napoleon encourages her to become an actress.


Leonie finds herself mixing with celebrated writers, musicians and artists, plus the

dashing soldiers of the Imperial Guard and their gilded women. But her life is threatened

when she is kidnapped and held to ransom. And then France stumbles into war. When the

enemy invades, Leonie's circle is torn apart and some of her closest friends are killed. She

flees to England where she discovers the exiled emperor is planning one last throw of the dice.



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Reviews for Leonie and the last Napoleon:


A racy tale about a fascinating period. Public scandals and private passions in Paris at its liveliest


Richard Holmes, BBC TV historian and author


Historical hit. Riveting read.


Kelvin MacKenzie, Broadcaster and former editor of The Sun


Pacy, authentic and gripping. It vividly recreates the atmosphere of the Second Empire.


Paul Torday, top-selling author of ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’


Boullemier’s journalistic pace, clarity of style and intensity of research make for a romp of a read


John Marquis, Evening Tribune, Nassau, Bahamas


Something for everyone in this debut novel: political intrigue; bloody battles; a tender love story


Charlotte Mackaness, The Field



AND HERE'S A SENSATIONAL LINK TO HISTORY: If you enjoy Leonie's adventures, you may like to read Tony's blog about the notorious Otto von Bismarck. Please Click here

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